Updated: 10/5/2018
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  • Paleolithic lived in no permanent places like fold up places like tents also caves. They did this because they travel all over the place to follow the animals for food.
  • Peolithic hunted for animal and ran after them and if the animals move they move with them to make sure they have enough food.
  • The Paleolithic never really traded cause they had nothing to trade and they focused on getting their own things for themselves and was just focusing on living.
  • Neolithic now make permanit houses made out of mud wood sticks and sometimes brick for strong and tough houses.
  • Neolithic now grow food and realized that now they don't always have to follow the animals and hunting they can also plant food and eat instead.
  • The Neolithic traded items that were needed for example if one tribe had a lot of potery but are running low on food and another tribe has alot of food and needs potery to get water that meens they would trade for a item they need.
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