How to Wear a Mask
Updated: 3/8/2021
How to Wear a Mask

Storyboard Text

  • Transition between 1&2-lets start with some dos and don'ts from our friend...
  • around people not in your family stores/public even when you dont want to anytime you're going to breathe on people
  • transition: you may be thinking, what if im vaccinated?
  • Long Shot-Introduction to topic-(Background Desk) "Have you been wearing a mask for over a year, but still get glares at the grocery store.. etc"
  • -Shift to animated scene with cartoon character-(scene is the grocery store)Different Do's and dont's of mask wearing shown by character-over the nose, pulling mask down to talk, etc
  • notes - use of jump cuts to transition ideas - use of creative text to emphasize.
  • -Shift back to myself-When should you be wearing a mask? (background desk but with animated graphics)
  • Animated characters of who needs to wear a maskvaccinated vs not etc-complete transition into animated space-
  • And you may be asking yourself... why do i care? Why should i wear a mask-combo of animated character - still on the side bar-animated character will be still
  • Conclusion-Close Up shot with no animation-*emotional appeal*