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Storyboard Project
Updated: 2/21/2019
Storyboard Project
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  • Charlie and Miss Kinnian (Problem Explanation)
  • Charlie and Miss Kinnian (Event)
  • Hello Miss Kinnian!
  • Charlie and Miss Kinnian (Resolution)
  • I´m sorry Miss Kinnian, please forget about me.
  • Charlie and Miss Kinnians relationship starts to bloom, and they go from being friends to something more. Everything seems perfect, until Charlies mental state starts to deteriorate, which damages Charlie and Miss Kinnians relationship.
  • Charlie and his Friends (Problem Explanation)
  • There are pictures in this card.
  • Charlie goes back to school, and forgets everything that has happened between Miss Kinnian and him. This upsets Miss Kinnian. Charlie and Miss Kinnians relationship is coming close to an end.
  • Charlie and his Friends (Event)
  • Charlie, after returning to his original state, decides to break things off with Miss Kinnian and move away. He believes this is the best thing for Miss Kinnian. He explains to Miss Kinnian that he loves her and he wants her to continue with her life, and forget about him.
  • Charlie and his Friends (Resolution)
  • Charlie! Say something intelligent!
  • As Charlie is gaining intelligence, he realizes his ´friends´ were actually just bullies, and they were making fun of the old Charlie the whole time. This eventually makes Charlie wary of other people, and he believes everyone is laughing at him.
  • There are not! Stop making fun of me!
  • Charlies ´friends´ asked him out to drink with them. Charlie accepted, not knowing they were bullies. At the bar, everyone made fun of Charlie, and he realized they were not his friends. ¨Its a funny thing I never knew that Joe and Frank and the others liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me¨(Keyes, 231).
  • Hahahaha!
  • After Charlie gained his intelligence and lost it, his friends felt bad, and they stood up for him. Charlie felt content because he felt he had real friends this time.
  • Don´t be a jerk!
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