England History
Updated: 1/4/2021
England History

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  • You've lost surrender now.
  • James I becomes king after Queen Elizabeth I dies without an heir. James believed in divine right of kings and therefore he thought that ruling with parliament was not needed. Issues on money and religion arose as well.
  • James I son, Charles I, became king after. He continued the conflict with Parliament which led to a civil war. King Charles and the Royalists lost to Oliver Cromwell, and the Roundheads.
  • The civil war resulted in: Parliament being purged, Charles I being beheaded, the monarchy being abolished and Cromwell setting up a dictator ship.
  • English Bill of Rights
  • Charles II Learned from his grandfather and father that divine right didn't do anything to parliament .parliament strengthened churches.James II becomes King, Charles II dies with no heir.
  • William and Mary rule the kingdom after James II fled to France.
  • Mary And William Pass the English Bill of Rights.
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