Chapter 6 Douglass Project
Updated: 3/16/2020
Chapter 6 Douglass Project

Storyboard Text

  • I say, it is quite unnerving how he questions not a thing what we ask him to do
  • Upon arrival, Fredericks customary servitude was not met by his new Mistress with the same pleasure he was used
  • In fact, I will endeavor to teach you how to read Frederick
  • Thank you ma'am!
  • Fredericks new Mistress, not yet been tainted by the effects of slaveholding,
  • But it was too late for her husband, he had already been infected. And it was spreading
  • If you give them an inch, they want an ell. They should know nothing more than to obey their masters! He will become unruly and discontent!
  • The Columbian Orator
  • And so it was, for though Mrs. Auld no longer had it in her heart to teach, Frederick now had it in his heart to learn