World Lit Draft
Updated: 10/30/2020
World Lit Draft

Storyboard Text

  • Yay New Zealand
  • New Zealand is very beautiful, welcoming, and advanced. heir most common spoken language is English, followed by Maori, a Polynesian language mostly used by ingenious people. Unlike most countries, New Zealand is isolated and has a relatively low population. Their culture is highly impacted by the indigenous people in the country, from food to music to their distinct accents. New Zealand is progressing towards beingg the first country to fully commit to using strictly renewable resources.
  • I chose to do immigrate to New Zealand because I wish to immigrate there after I graduate. I was very curious about the living conditions and troubles I could run into attempting to live here than researching topics that wouldn’t give me the insight I would need to learn eventually.
  • My question is To what extent does immigration impact the Economy, government, and political system?
  • This was an important question to ask because I wanted to see how much the economy is helped or harmed by Immigration and if it is a steady trend or not. I was curious if the systems have changed since the twenty-first century. I wanted to address this question because I wanted to compare the US systems to NZ and see what they are doing differently and whose’ system is doing better.
  • I think this topic is important not only for people who want to move there but also for other countries to see where NZ is in all the systems and their population. There are various reports on the topics so it isn’t too hard to research and having the extra knowledge can be beneficial.
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