"My Journey in Micro-teaching Class"
Updated: 6/2/2020
"My Journey in Micro-teaching Class"

Storyboard Description

Name: Gloria St. Number: 171214110

Storyboard Text

  • This is my friend's teaching video. SO.. creative. What about me??
  • What's wrong with my laptop? Why my laptop won't turn on again!
  • What? You can't say that. There is a grammar mistake.
  • Okay, give us a few days to fix it.
  • Yes, re-take the video!
  • Here we go. Let my laptop be fixed.
  • Ok, here I am. Teaching my two sucks friends.
  • I imagine that I can teach in the real class now. Hmm...
  • I need to tell my friends and Ms. Ella about my laptop.
  • Finally, I can edit the video and then submit it. Hurray, cheer up!