Science Formative Assessment
Updated: 7/16/2020
Science       Formative     Assessment
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  • Hey Guys! Do you want to learn what is the brain. Come on let's find out
  • The brain is the 2nd most important part of the body. It controls all the body's actions, lets zoom in !
  • Cerebrum
  • Medulla
  • Cerebellum
  • The Cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and is composed of right and left hemispheres. It performs higher functions like interpreting touch, vision and hearing, as well as speech, reasoning, emotions, learning, and fine control of movement.
  • The Cerebellum receives information from the sensory systems, the spinal cord, and other parts of the brain and then regulates motor movements. The cerebellum coordinates voluntary movements such as posture, balance, coordination, and speech, resulting in smooth and balanced muscular activity.
  • The Medulla is responsible for regulating several basic functions of the autonomic nervous system, including respiration, cardiac function, vasodilation, and reflexes like vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and swallowing.
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