Jacob Estrada [Road To Revalution ]
Updated: 1/25/2021
Jacob Estrada [Road To Revalution ]

Storyboard Text

  • Sugar Act-1664
  • Stop taxing !!!!!!!!
  • Quartering Act-1765
  • Boston Masscure-1770
  • During the year 1764 the american colonists started protesting because great britain started to tax the American Colonists. They taxed them on many things not just sugar which would lead to the tea act ,the stamp act thats why I chose the sugar act cause it lead to many more . Most of the things they were taxing them on were everyday objects. When the colonist figured that out they retaliated and stoped paying and that made Great britain angry.
  • After the war great britain didnt want to bring there troops home. They did this because they knew how much it would cost them. So the colonist had to welcome strangers into there home and feed and take care of them. It played a big role in the road to revolution because they were invading there own homes there privacy.
  • The boston mascure took place in boston the year 1770 and tensions were rising and britain were being extra careful and boston was battlefield