Bill's process
Updated: 2/18/2020
Bill's process
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  • BILL
  • This is how I became a law...
  • I want a law to keep our community safer!
  • Yes! That have to happen!
  • H.R.153
  • Well I don't think we have enough information to send to the House. Lets send it to a subcommittee. Ok?
  • No, I do not think we should...
  • *type*
  • Sure!
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • yes or no
  • First, how a bill can be created you need an idea to make into a law. Once you have an idea you can call a congressman to discuss the law. The congressman can create a draft for the upcoming law.
  • We must compromise on the bill.
  • Senate
  • But how will we make it identical?
  • House
  • Next, they have a bill they introduce to the house members. The bill is given a number, name, and a sponsor. Then, they send the bill to the standing committee for research. If they need more information they can send it to a subcommittee.
  • Should I pass this bill???
  • Once they send the bill to the subcommittee, they have to send it back to the standing committee to move on to the House floor for debating and voting. If majority vote yes then it is sent to the Senate to do the WHOLE process again.
  • Approved
  • Pocket veto
  • LAW
  • Congress out of session
  • Vetoed
  • Choose no action
  • Congress in session
  • Overridden by 2/3 of congress
  • We are here!
  • After the Senate says yes to the bill, they can send it to the conference committee. The conference committee is where they come together to compromise about the bill. After they make the bill identical they can vote on it to send to the president.
  • Once it hits the president's desk, it is up to the president to decide what happens to the bill.
  • There are many outcomes from the president. He can sign it, veto it, pocket veto, or choose no action. If it is vetoes and congress reviews it. It can be overridden by 2/3 of congress approving it.
  • Bye
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