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Updated: 9/26/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • I think bats are cool. Pesticides kill the good bugs that do pollination.
  • Bat guano is a great fertilizer! We save 23 billion in crops because of bats.
  • Today we will learn the importance of brown bats on page 135 of Project Wild
  • Hello class! Please open your notebooks to the notes section in Kami. We will learn some definitions and facts about little brown bats.
  • Without bees 1/3 of our crops would die. What would life be like without bats?
  • Bat can eat 1000 bugs each night. Lets review how many bugs the bats caught.
  • I am going to run and you try to catch me! I represent food that you eat because I am a bug.
  • I will catch you because I am a hungry bat!
  • bugs caught
  • Lets count how many coins we caught. Each coin is 10 bugs. Go Bats! We will graph our results.
  • A+