Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • Chapter 1: Jem and Scout meet up with Dill and they discuss the story about Boo Radely
  • You heard the story about Boo Radely?
  • Chapter 2: Scout has her first day of school and her teacher doesn't like her because she try to explain somethings and also because she now how to read
  • Walter doesn't take anything he cant pay back
  • Stop being mean to Walter Jean Louise
  • Chapter 3 : Jem and Scout invites Walter to lunch at their house. Scout got angry at Walter table manners and got in trouble by Calpurnia
  • Jean Louise Finch in the kitchen now!
  • What did i do wrong?
  • What's is that ?
  • Chapter 4: Scout gum in a knot hole of a tree later, two Indians-head coins with Jem. Also, Scout goes into a tire and lands into the Radely's front yard
  • I don't know, lets go ask Atticus
  • Chapter 5:Dill, Scout and Jem made up a plan to use a fishing rod to make Boo Radely come out . Also Scout and Dill started some relationship
  • be the lookout Scout
  • Its long enough !
  • chapter 6: The kids went to the Radelys house place. Jem lost his pants to a wired fence tryimg to escape the Radelys yard after hearing a gunshot there
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