Updated: 3/25/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 7
  • The lessons that we can get for this topic is we can get to know and recognize colors.
  • There are so many colors that exists. We only choose 10 of them. Which is white, black, blue, yellow, orange, red, brown, green, purple and pink
  • Scene 8
  • Example for white is chalk and example for black is bottle.
  • Scene 9
  • Example for blue is ice cream box and example for yellow is banana.
  • We briefly explain what we will teach the kids
  • Scene 10
  • Lets have some quiz. What color this ball is?
  • Showing example of white and black color
  • Scene 11
  • Okay next question. What color this chair that i sit is?
  • Showing example of blue and yellow color
  • Scene 12
  • Thank you for having us here. May the lesson that we teach, you will remember it.
  • Start a quiz for the kids
  • Asking what the color of the chair
  • Short speech before we going back