The New Deal Comic
Updated: 3/12/2020
The New Deal Comic

Storyboard Description

Period 1

Storyboard Text

  • Somebody please help me. No money, no shelter, just one cents you will help get through this problem
  • How can I help this guy
  • Son, you see that beggar if you don't work hard at this age you will have the same like this man
  • Hey babe, you came back just right on time I just earn 3.9billion in one second
  • Babe, lets have a talk
  • Not my business
  • Help!!!!
  • Everybody come with me I have money
  • One day Isaac is praying on the street. Everyday yelling at the road begging people to give him money, but no one helps him. Women passed by and used a severe eye staring at Isaac.
  • No Good, everybody give me some respect okay.
  • This woman name Kim is the billionaire's wife after seeing people begging on the street; she wants to change the situation. Hence, she asks her billionaire husband and donates some money to create an organization.
  • Nice decision
  • Told you
  • Soon the wife find all the beggar she found out that they have a community that they also helping each other.
  • Thank you is my pleasure becauseI'm the superhero
  • The wife provides a dorm for every beggar and providing a job opportunity. But some of the beggars don't know how to behave.
  • After the dorm, the job opportunity is that she let the beggar work in his husband's company. Her husband was shocked that they know how everything.
  • Soon the billionaire help all United States beggar, and his name is Harry Hopkins, and the organization is WPA.