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Updated: 12/3/2019
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  • The Roman civilization flourished from about 700 B.C.E. to about 476 C.E. It began in the ancient city of Rome. The Italian peninsula is shaped a lot like a boot and reaches into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • There were two brothers named Romulus and Remulus, who were supposed to be drowned, but got saved by a wolf. They fought over who should name the new settlement they founded, and Romulus murdered Remulus.
  • beautiful columns!
  • Estruscans created the techniques arch and cuniculus, which the Romans adapted. An arch was two pillars, which supported a half-circle of wedge-shaped stones, and a cuniculus was a long undergorund trench, connected by vertical shafts to the ground above.
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  • Romans also adapted two bloody Estruscan sporting events, slave fighting and chariot races. In slave fighting, two slaves would fight, and the winner would still be killed, and chariot races were drivers strapped to chariots, and they could get run over, and die.
  • Romans used Greek architecture, such as columns. The Romans added columns to their buildings, and used concrete to create even larger buildings than the Greeks made, like the Rome Colosseum.
  • The Greeks influenced Rome in many ways such as writing, art, and religion. The Romans used the Estruscan's alphabet, which they used from the Greeks, Romans used Greek pottery, painting, and sculpture, which they called "Greco-Roman" art, and the Romans appropriated Greek gods, and changed their names. 
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