Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • in this scene brian is flying to his dads house when the pilot had a heart attack and dies so he has to fly the plane. i chose this scene because it is one of the most important scenes. it is important because it explains how he was lost in the woods
  • this is the scene when brian runs out of fuel and finds a lake to land in so he does not die. the plane sinks to the bottom of the lake with the dead pilot inside. this scene is important because it shows how Brian is still alive
  • Brian and his mate were down the main street and Brian saw his mom kissing a blond man that was not his dad. the importance of this scene shows why Brian was flying to his dads
  • Brian wakes up after the plane crash with a lot of pain and he is very weak. he is sitting against a tree when he gets attacked by mozzies. this scene is important because this is when Brian realises that he is lost and he could be there for a while.
  • Brian realises he has to find shelter so he creates his temporary home so he can rest. this is when brian starts to see the positives
  • Brian goes to collect berries because he needs food he is picking raspberries when he hears something behind him it is a bear but it doesn't attack him. this is when Brian find out that if he doesn't oppose a threat he is not in danger