Updated: 4/3/2020
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  • When my mom and I first moved to America, her English wasn't very good. I had to be her very own "translator" when we went out in public.
  • One day we went to the grocery store to buy some food because my dad was coming from China to visit us.
  • Since I would not ask for the discount, my mom just turned around and shouted:"Discount?"to the cashier. And weird enough, the cashier shouted back:"OK!" Although the cashier didn't see the item.
  • I saw a cool toy, and I wanted it. My mom seemed to know what I was thinking, so she said: "If you want it, then just take it" In Chinese.
  • 想要就买吧。
  • But then she said: "Buy two, I will give the other one to your cousin in China. Go ask the cashier if we can get a discount since we are buying two."
  • 买两个算了,你去问问那个售货员有没有折扣。
  • I said:"I'm not going to ask the cashier for a discount just because we are buying two toys." I think she wanted me to ask because she would do it in China, which is still weird in a way.
  • 我不会去问的,哪里有人买玩具还要折扣的。
  • OK!
  • discount?
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