Updated: 6/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • This is going to be a great experience. You have nothing to worry about. Now, you must attend the Sweat Lodge.
  • I am very excited!
  • This is going to purify my mind and my body so I am ready for my Vision Quest
  • You are now ready to be off on your Vision Quest! I wis you good luck and remember, be patient.
  • Aiyana is about to turn 13 years old and that means it is time for her to step into adulthood. She has just met with her Shaman who will guide her through her vision quest. She explains to her Shaman that she is very excited and if there is anything she should be worried about. He assures her that this is going to be a great experience. It is time for Aiyana to go to the Sweat Lodge to begin her vision quest.
  • Im hungry and I have not received a vision yet. What if something is wrong with me?
  • It is time for Aiyana to purify her mind and soul at the Sweat Lodge. The Sweat Lodge is full of steam. There are a few others who are also about to embark their journey on their Vision Quests. She takes a seat and closes her eyes. They are all praying and reflecting. This will cleanse their bodies and renew their souls so they can focus on their vision quest.
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  • The Shaman instructs Aiyana and she is now ready to go on her Vision Quest.
  • It had been 4 days since Aiyana had left for her vision quest. She spent a lot of time praying, reflecting and fasting. She experienced the nature and elements around her. However, she still did not receive her vision.
  • As soon as she was about to lose hope, she had a vision! She saw a Bat. Now it was time for her to head back to the Shaman in order to find out what seeing the Bat meant for her.
  • Aiyana was headed back to see the Shaman since her Vision Quest had been completed. As she passes by a cave, she sees a few bats. Now she was sure that she had seen a bat in her vision quest. She was very excited to tell the Shaman about what she had discovered.