World History Story
Updated: 10/11/2018
World History Story
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  • Constantinople
  • You best get out of here before we start street fighting!
  • The Reign of Justinian l
  • We will not stand by while our brothers and sisters are being arrested!!
  • The Eastern Orthodox Church
  • The blues and the greens did not get along in costantinople. They would erupt into deadly fighting occasionally. When they met in the streets things never ended well.
  • Iconoclasm
  • Stop worshipping icons as if they're divine!
  • The Blues and the green united to rebel against the emperor after their members were arrested. This lasted a week and the Constaninople was in ruins.
  • The crowning of The Holy Roman Emperor
  • You cannot crown him as a "Holy Emperor" we already have one!
  • Christianity was the base of the government and much more in the Byzantine Empire. The eastern orthodox church played a central role in everyones lives.
  • Speration of the Church
  • Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • The east and the west of the Byzantine empire were having cultural disagreements. The east believed that the western churches were going too far when it came to worshipping icons such as images of jesus or mary.
  • The west decision to crown a Holy Emperor because the empreress of the Byzantine empire was a woman outraged the east. The east felt the rightful ruler was most definetly Emperess Irene.
  • The East and the West then split after having many disagreements. There were now two churches, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.
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