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Updated: 3/18/2021
Personal Storyboard

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Overcome Personal Storyboard

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  • Int. Classroom - Day
  • Int. Kitchen - Dusk
  • INT. Bedroom - Night
  • Fade InThe Student Sits quietly in the classroom and is given an assignment.Music-Silence into tension building Sounds-Clock ticking
  • Int. Hallway - Night
  • Cuts toThe student sits, struggling to do his assignment.Music- SilenceSounds- Clock Ticking, Knocking Sound
  • Int. Kitchen - Night
  • Fades InThe student lays in bed trying to sleep. One of the Figures watches over him.Music-Silence and Low-End build-upSounds- Clock Ticking , Knocking
  • Int. Bedroom - Morning
  • The Student runs away from the figure down the hallway while also checking the other rooms.Music-Sharp brass tension soundtrack Sounds-Thuds from running
  • The student finds the assignment, candle, and knife in the kitchen.Music-Low End into a sharp Brass SoundtrackSounds- Knocking, Candle Burning, Clock ticking
  • The student wakes up normally with no harm to him.Music- Quiet soundtrackSounds- Clock ticking