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Updated: 10/12/2020
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  • Evelyn:There isn't that many things that lemons can make.
  • Lemons are nasty , There is no way I would eat one.
  • Fernanda:Guys look at all these things you can makes with lemons (throws a lemon)
  • Evelyn - oh jeez that was such a bad pun {slaps her head and laughs}
  • Vanessa- wow that’s a lot of things{rolls eyes}
  • Look you can make lemon cookies, lemon cake, lemon pie,lemonade ,lemon bars and so much more
  • Fernanda-Don’t be a bitter lemon
  • Vanessa- guys stay on topic we are talking about Lemons
  • Evelyn- is that why there is so much food here?
  • Fernanda- Okay so my mom is getting married and she wants lemon flavored food, but she doesn’t want to get fat before the wedding { her words not mine}
  • Fernanda - YES! That’s what i've been trying it say this whole entire time
  • Vanessa- Well then get to the point.
  • Evelyn- awhh she's getting married???!!!!
  • Fernanda- GUYS! We are discussing lemons not my moms marriage
  • Vanessa - are you happy about it??
  • Evelyn - Now who's the bitter lemon >:(
  • Fernanda- We need to figure out which of these foods should be at the wedding
  • Vanessa-{ hiding my laugh}
  • Vanessa - wait is the wedding lemon themed? :,) { dies laughing}
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