Vocabulary Comic Strip

Updated: 8/26/2020
Vocabulary Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • (said sadly) We have ANOTHER bank robber on the lose. This is starting to become a paradigm.
  • Oh No!! I think its that same nefarious guy that robbed it the last 6 times!
  • Well that was a ambiguous statement. Which do you want me to do ?
  • (climbing through the window) HANDS UP AND GIVE ME ALL YO MONEY
  • It doesn't matter. JUST GIVE ME MONEY
  • Well...I have Vitriolic thoughts about you sooo... Imma keep my hands up
  • Nooo sir. I did not come through this sylvan land just to walk out empty handed
  • Looka here mister. This land is not sylvan it is just lightly forested.
  • I'm not here to fool around with nuances man. GIVE ME THE MONEY
  • Man that is a real parallax. He much shorter in person.