PEC700 - PixelFive (2)

Updated: 10/18/2020
PEC700 - PixelFive (2)

Storyboard Text

  • The receipts should be in places, although we are just a small business.
  • But there are so many of them, plus they're small too.
  • Can't deny it was small, but it is important.
  • Firstly, be sure to jot everything down for each transaction.
  • Thus, the drawer provided is to sort and filing all the receipts.
  • Yes, it should've been that way. Hm.
  • Absolutely. It would be easier for us without having to hunt tons of files.
  • We also should categorize all the receipts according to their types of expenses.
  • Audit
  • You know, I did some research where we can also storing all receipts electronically by email.
  • Indeed! It may helps in case the ink fading or damage which cause unreadable.
  • Lol, I should've done that earlier.
  • Wow, I finally did some improvements! I should be consistent so the data will easily accessible.
  • I am sure your business will generate more profit and become a big firm.
  • Good job, Mr. Yusuf! I'm proud of your workers for the improvements.
  • It's not a big deal, Mr. Iskandar. Big thanks to them.
  • I hope so!