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Updated: 9/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Jordyn JacksonDeltas
  • Alright class line up
  • Hi my name is katiey
  • Hi my name is kayla and today we are going to be learning about Deltas today
  • Hi my name is makayla
  • yay yes sir
  • Alright class we are going on a field trip to explore deltas ok
  • Just to let you know what is a define constructive and descrutive forces mean
  • A desturctive force tears it down and a constructive force builds it up
  • yay so excited and i figure out how i struture froms it may do it over again` and the two type of structure are destructive and constructive forces
  • alright class here is and example of a delta
  • did you know that this is and example of a destrutive and constructive force because and destructive tears it dow but a constructive cleans it uo
  • bye can not wait to learn more