Student scene
Updated: 3/19/2021
Student scene

Storyboard Text

  • Lisa, here's your allowance for this month.
  • Thank you, Dad!
  • Hi Lisa, are you still a student? How come you can afford these branded products without income?
  • I bought all of these with my allowance from my father and PTPTN.
  • Oh no, why are you crying?
  • I suggest you to join this campaign because it will help you with your money management.
  • I spent all my money from PTPTN and allowance from my father!
  • Lisa's father giving money allowance to Lisa for the month.
  • Hello, where's mymoney? Where are you now!?
  • After Lisa withdraw her PTPTN money, she went shopping and bumped into Amy. Amy wondering her income as she had purchased expensive things.
  • It happened 2 months ago, it started when...
  • Hi, sorry Ali, I heard u just now, may I know what happened to your money?
  • Hey, you changed your new car again!I just cannot afford this because I'm just a normal worker.
  • Andy saw Lisa crying and asking why. He also offers Lisa join a campaign to solve her problem.
  • 2 months ago..
  • Hey, bro. Ya, I am playing money game nowadays and it helped earn more money compare to my normal job.
  • Suddenly, they heard Ali is shouting and angry while on the phone call.
  • Andy approaches Ali and asks about his problem. Then, Andy listens to Ali's story about 2 months ago.
  • 2 months ago, Ali met his old friend and asked the sources of his success. Ali also asked for tips and his friend said about investment. Ali insists to invest just like his friend.