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Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • Mary D. opened her window because it was to hot which was very strange. She also kept talking about her daughter which was very vexatious. In Chapter 3 we meet every character on the Orient Express, we get a elucidation of everyone and who they are as well.
  • In Chapter 4 we learn that Mrs Hubbard is dead scared of Mr Ratchett, then that same night Poirot heres a scream from Mr Ratchetts room. Then, Poiroit looks at his watch and it is 23 minutes to one. The bad thing about this is that Poiroit does not know what hapened too whoever was screaming so he becomes anxious, but he just ends up going to sleep.
  • In Chapter 5 Poirot gets up from sleep in his berth and goes to investigate. He finds out that Mr Ratchett is dead. Then he goes to Ratchetts compartment and finds something unprepossessing, Mr Ratchets dead body! The murderer was very smart, he left the window open and there was no footprints in th snow outside the Train, also, the murderer cleaned off his finger prints from the window. This was a calamity for Poirot even worse they were stuck in a snow drift in Belgrade,Yugo-Slavia!
  • In Chapter 6 Poroit meets up with Macqueen and conducts an interview on him. Poirot learns that Macqueen was Ratchetts secratary. Macqueen seemed plaintive about the loss of him. There were anonymous letters written to Ratchett that were precisely done by 2 people to make it look like there was 2 different types of handwritting's in the paper. These papers were definetely done in surreptitious. Then by the end of the chapter Poiroit thinks that Macqueen definetely did not do the murder.
  • Poiroit meets up with the doctor and the docter was very munificent because he was helping out Poiroit by giving him good information and was giving his time to Poiroit. Mr Ratchetts body was scrutinised and they found out that there was precisely 12 stab wounds. The doctor demurred that it could of been a male, but it could of been a male making it look like it was a woman. Then there was a match that they think that was used to burn paperwork.
  • In chapter 8 we learn that Ratchett used to live in America and in theory was the one who kidnaped the Armstrong baby. Also Ratched talked to conductor of the train 20 minutes to 1. Then we also find out that Ratchett would stay on the train and just keep going on it in loops.
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