Chandragupta Mauryan (Chanakya)
Updated: 1/24/2021
Chandragupta Mauryan (Chanakya)

Storyboard Text

  • Sometime in the 4th Century BCE in the royal court of Dhananda.
  • But in 324 BCE
  • Dear King, we need to form a wide-alliance to tackle the incoming foreign aggressions.
  • You are not the king and I am the king, I will decide what I want to do with my Kingdom
  • Sure, take any cows grazing nearby
  • Dear King, Can I have some Alms?
  • He then took this Chandragupta to Takshashilla and then thought him everything that he needed to be an ideal king. By the time Alexander's Conquest had reached Indus Valley.
  • Soon after Alexander The Great died leaving behind his troops and his conquered territories
  • Sir, we all are tired and we cannot move ahead now. We need some rest