Jasmin Wilkins
Updated: 9/10/2020
Jasmin Wilkins

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  • Davon was walking out of class when he saw texts from his girlfriend, asking why he was on tinder. He calls her explaining it was someone else. She thought he was lying. Her friend had started a conversation with the the other and he told her his full name, Davon Clark, which was exactly the same name as his.
  • If people don't believe that I'm not the other Davon Clark, does it even matter that I'm not?
  • The other Devon is in so much more trouble than I am. He has it hard, and he might in the same situation I'm in.
  • There are 2 Devon Clarks, who both attend the same university and have the same hobbies. People keep mistaking them for one another, creating problems for the first Davon Clark.
  • The other Devon Clark has police issues, and has multiple charges on him. Everyone thinks it's (red-jersey-wearing) Davon. He takes every opportunity that comes his way, posting resumes, pictures and any other thing that proves he isn't the other Devon Clark, in an attempt to dissociate his identity from him.
  • In a job interview, the person on the other side of the phone asks if (red-jersey-wearing) Davon isn't the other Davon. This leaves Davon questioning if it matters that he he isn't.
  • Are you sure???
  • Davon takes a moment to consider what the other Davon might be going through, always having to confirm himself and the fact that he's just like him but going through some real bad stuff made Davon sympathetic for him. On google, he finds that there are a whole lot of people who have the same name as him.
  • Davon realizes that it doesn't really matter the way others perceive him. As long as he knows who he is, the people who need to know him will, and he could always tell other people who want to know him who he is.