Hamilton V.S Jefferson
Updated: 1/21/2021
Hamilton V.S Jefferson

Storyboard Text

  • You can't make a national bank that's too much power to the federal Government
  • well too bad i think that its going to help pay off national debt
  • I think that we should side with the french because they helped us with our war
  • We should side with the British
  • But if we do that what are we going to do when the British try attacking us and they don't have the money to help
  • I will be leaving office now
  • well if you are leaving then I i'm getting out of here since all you do is listen to Hamilton
  • we need to limit the governments powers
  • no we need a strong government
  • i think that we need to have stricter construction
  • just because its in a constitution doesn't mean you have to do it
  • i think that my party is so much better than yours
  • no the federalist are so much cooler than you