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most dangerous game
Updated: 10/6/2020
most dangerous game
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  • the most dangerous game
  • the story starts off with 2 characters on a boat going to rio from new York .the 2 are talking about going hunting when they get to rio and how Whitney is not a trophy hunter. When they get there Whitney says that island is "ship-trap island"
  • later that night Whitney went to bed and Rainsford stayed up and smoked his pipe then he herd 3 gun shots so he climbed up the ropes on the ship to see where they were coming from then he fell in.
  • when Rainsford got to the island he ran into the woods and fell a sleep then he woke up and went down the beach and found a .22 caliber casing on the the ground.
  • after rainsford found the gun he seen a tail going through the woods to a village when he got to the door of the place  and knocked 3 times and the door opened right away after the third knock the door opened right away and the gard that opened the door put a .44 to his heart.
  • then the general zoroff stopped the guard form killing Rainsford and recognizes him from the boo he wrote about hunting snow leopards and is not hostel to him and invite him into his village.
  • in the end Rainsford try's to escape and get caught by the generals men
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