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Religion Ms. Lwowka 1st Creation Story
Updated: 9/22/2020
Religion Ms. Lwowka 1st Creation Story
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  • In the beginning God created heaven, and earth. The earth was formless, empty, and dark. On the first day, God created light and darkness, he called light day and darkness night.
  • On the second day, God created a dome that surrounded the earth to separate the waters, this was called sky.
  • In this generation the earth is very polluted and filled with our garbage, this has been a problem for year and its up to us to change it because we are stewards of the earth. Some things we can do to be better environmental stewards, is cleaning up the earth even if you did not make that mess, we are all apart of the earth so its everybody's job to take care of it. Also being aware of our carbon footprint, this means watching the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by you, for example watching how much times you rode a car. We have to stand up and do what's right for our planet and what God would want us to do, which is to be good environmental stewards. God gave us this planet, along with animals, vegetation and many more wonderful things, its our job to protect those things and take care of what God gave us.
  • On the third day, God created dry ground and called it land. God also created all plants and vegetation.
  • The fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and stars. He made these to give light to the earth and sperate day and night; This also served as signs to mark seasons, days, and years.
  • On the fifth day, God created all the animals like mammals, reptiles, insects and many more. The following day God created man, his name was Adam. God took a rib from Adam and made women, her name was Eve. God blessed both of them and gave them all the creatures and earth to be stewards of. On the seventh day, God rested and blessed everything making it holy.
  • They are loosing there homes
  • Animals are dying
  • We are destroying our planet
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