Willy wonka
Updated: 12/4/2020
Willy wonka

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Great story!

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  • Find the gold ticket to get a free visit to our factory
  • Oh I wish I could find one for my birthday
  • Mom can I please get a wonka bar for my birthday? Please.
  • I'm so sorry Charlie we don't have enough money
  • One day Charlie was passing the old candy shop and he saw an eye-catching sign...
  • here you go Charlie you earned this
  • Later that day charlie decided to ask his mom if he could get a candy bae for his birthday but it didn't go as planned...
  • At school Charlie was very sad, he got his hopes up and his mom totally crushed them well that's because his family is very poor. All he wanted to do was taste a chocolate bar. His birthday is coming up and his grandpa gets him thing she would treasure forever.
  • Charlie was so grateful he thanked his grandpa so many times,then it was the moment to open the candy bar he slowly opened it then he Won! Charlie was one of the five people town a golden ticket.
  • There they were Mike TV, Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregard,Veruca Salt, and finally Charlie Bucket. Everyone else was equally happy but Charlie was the most grateful, the happiest, and the most amazed that a poor boy like him could win anything in life.
  • Charlie was so happy that he was the most behaved and that the made it through the factory without having to go away... o he got the opportunity to ride in the glass elevator and press the magic button. Charlie deserved that because he is a kind and caring person to everyone the comes across.
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