The Tiger with the Stripes
Updated: 2/19/2020
The Tiger with the Stripes
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  • Evolution is when an animal changes to help them survive and Max realised that it was happening to all the tiger and he was happy.
  • Fact: Tigers can elefants.
  • .Fact: Malayan Tigers can grow up to 70 to 112 inches and weigh 52 to 284 pounds.
  • Fact: The Madeiran Large White is a herbiFact: The Madeiran Large White is a Fact: herbivore it eats nectar and water from various plants.
  • BYE!!!!!!!!
  • After awhile Max started to notice that there was no more tigers without stripes and there was only tiger with stripes.
  • Jasmine saw that Max was proud of his stripes and was so happy that this day came. Jasmine knew that Max would miss her if she left but she knew that he would be fine.
  • The next day Max and Lucy were also hanging out with the other tigers but Jasmine told Max that it was her time to go. She told him that she accomplished her duty and made him proud of his stripes.
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