God's Will

Updated: 5/21/2020
God's Will

Storyboard Description

this is a story of a lady who rushed into marriage because she was getting older and then married the wrong person,when she gave her life to christ and waited for God appointed time and will to bring her a true husband the lord blessed her and changed her life for good.

Storyboard Text

  • wow,say yes ,say yes
  • will u marry me, i promise i will stop smoking and doing drugs cause ur all i need.
  • we have lots of issues in our relationship but he promised to change and im 30,I guess its a yes
  • A month later the woman got pregnant with twins from the man ,the man confess that he was cheating and just wanted to prove to his friend that he can get a girl to marry him,he had been very abusive and never their during the relationship so she decided it was time to leave and had to face being pregnant all alone for nine months in an old apartment.This is what happens when u rush into marriage.She decided she does not care how long it takes but she will wait on God to bring her true husband.And also gave her life to christ.
  • 4 years later she had her twins that were now 3 years old, found her new husband that was rich,handsome, and godly,and started a new godly life with her family,she realized that everything is by God's will and don't rush into something u are not sure of because God has a plan and time for us all