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Second Amendment
Updated: 12/5/2018
Second Amendment
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  • Ghost guns keep the owners privacy and it makes them feel safe from the government. 
  • Ghost guns make it easier for criminals and the mentally ill to obtain access to guns
  • The government needs to track the sales of ghost guns and arrest the owners. There needs to be a registry of all guns in the country. 
  • Ghost guns are 100% legal and it is up to the owner to use it responsibly, not the government.
  • Yes Jamie, I believe that it is the citizens right to own a gun for protection. Gun Control won't do anything, just look at the DC vs Heller case. These so called ghost guns, they are no exception to the rule, people just want to know they can have something without the government controlling it.
  • We back your opinion 100% sir! Gun control does nothing but revoke our Second Amendment rights!
  • I'm Jamie Jamison with Fox News here with John Stossel getting his views on gun control. 
  • Hello, I am Mari with CNN. Tonight we have a special guest, Pia, who is going to share her views on gun control. 
  • Well Mari thank you for having me on. I'd just like to express that guns are made for killing and killing only. Everyone who owns a gun(ghost gun) is planning to kill and destroy our country. Guns should only be possessed by police and soldiers.
  • Actually, since the birth of the Second Amendment, it has changed and shifted it meaning to adapt to cultural changes. Some states do have gun control, like California, and yes, there crime rates are lower, however there are major overcrowding issues in jails. There are lots of rules and laws controlling guns. Experts say that guns are for protection from invasion, personal protection, and overthrowing a tyrannical government.
  • I have ruled that ghost guns are legal because they are used for personal defense. It is up to the owner to register it with the federal government, or not. However, if one is used in a crime, there will be an added 15 years to their sentencing.
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