city of thieves
Updated: 2/7/2020
city of thieves
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  • "You look like a Nazi."
  • "A Jew. You look like a Jew."
  • “We keep them by the samovar,” said the giant. “Come on, let’s get it over with.”
  • "Outside of Leningrad the trees still grew, crows muttered on birch branches,squirrels raced between the firs."
  • chapter 2: Lev found a dead German Nazi flying from the sky and him and his friends went to check it out. But the NKVD caught Lev and he was placed in The Crosses. Kolya was caught 40 kilometers away from his unit. So Kolya was placed in The Crosses.
  • chapter 5: Lev and Kolya need to find eggs for the colonel and so they went to the Haymarket. Lev bumped into a giant man and he asked if he was looking for eggs. Turns out the Giant and his wife were cannibals.
  • “We’re Russian,” said Kolya. “Open the door.”
  • "You shouldn't be here."
  • chapter 12: Lev and Kolya didn't find the eggs at the Haymarket, so they left Leningrad to find the eggs for the colonel. They heard that in German territory, Mga there is a farm that the Germans kept because they like their eggs.
  • “That’s a German rifle, isn’t it?”
  • “K ninety-eight,” she said, slapping the barrel with her palm. “Best rifle in the world.”
  • "You're my good boy."
  • chapter 12: Lev and Kolya were walking in the forest and they were hearing howling. They saw lots of dogs, which were mostly dead. They also saw fresh new tracks from German tanks
  • chapter 14: While Lev and Kolya were trying to walk to Mga, it was getting dark So, Lev saw a farm house and wanted to go in there, but Kolya didn't because it's in German territory. They saw 4 girls in the farm house, which looked like they've been eating good.
  • chapter 15: Kolya created a plan to help the 4 girls out of the farm house. But, it doesn't work out as planned because a dozen partizen men showed up. The dozen men killed all 6 Nazi's before Lev and Kolya. And one of the dozen men turns out to be a girl.
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