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Water Cycle
Updated: 4/20/2020
Water Cycle
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  • The water in lakes is where it all begins in the water cycle. It is held here when the sun arrives! At this stage the the water is a liquid.
  • The thermal energy from the Sun makes the water change state and turn into a gas which is called water vapor, rises into the atmosphere this is called evaporation!
  • When the water rises it is little droplets which are clouds. Then they are stored here until they are too heavy and they precipitate with rain. This is the stage called precipitation!
  • When the gas rises into the atmosphere it is liitle droplets of water that form clouds. This is condensation.
  • The clouds can no longer hold the water droplets in the clouds any longer because it is too heavy. So it will precipitate back into the geosphere where the water will become runoff. It will help plants grow and animals live!
  • When the rain hits the ground into the plants and soil that is called transpiration.
  • Then the water will make it's way back to the lake and repeats this process over and over again bec-ause it never stops.
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