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Dawes Act
Updated: 3/27/2019
Dawes Act
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  • Original Division of Land
  • My wife and I live here on the Seminole reservation with our daughter. 
  • Division of Land after the Dawes Act
  • This is the new land we were given from the government.
  • The Land was Foreign to Natives
  • This is a much different climate than what we are used to.
  • Our daughter was taken by the government to attend a boarding school
  • Originally, Native Americans territory consisted of the majority of Oklahoma minus the Panhandle. The land was divided among the tribes and they were promised they may reside there forever.
  • Many Could Not Afford Supplies
  • We cannot farm in this terrain without the proper tools, but we can afford them.
  • After passing the Dawes Act, the Natives lost all of their Western Land and then the Curtis Act broke up the Native reservations by granting them individual allotments of land as long as they would sign their name to the rolls.
  • Native Children were sent to Boarding Schools
  • If a Native did agree to sign their name to the rolls, they were given an allotment of land but not a land to which they were culturally accustomed. This land was generally desert or desert like making it much more difficult to farm.
  • Inheritance was a Common Problem
  • Where is my sister and her family? Who owns this land?
  • Many Natives who were forced to live in these foreign lands were not at all accustomed to this type of farming and could not afford the tools to do so.
  • Many Natives children were also taken and placed in white boarding schools so that they may assimilate into white culture.
  • Here you will learn to be civilized like this.
  • This created a great problem when discussing the inheritance of these allotments of land. Many Native children would inherit allotments of land from their parents but would not be able to accept said inheritance because they were away at boarding schools.
  • I own it now, your sister passed away a month after her husband.
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