Updated: 9/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Do not worry as I have sent Creon to seek advice from Apollo, we shall wait for his return.
  • My King, the sickness is still rampant in the kingdom and we cannot find a way to control it.
  • Oh my King, I have returned after my journey with news to bring. I have found the way to break the curse of the city.
  • In order to do so, we must find the murderer of the former king, King Laius. By doing so we will be saved from the deadly curse.
  • Whoever the murderer is, I curse him! You need to gather any information or witnesses in order to bring the former king to justice. Call for Tiresias.
  • I understand, My King,
  • Me? Killing the former king? Are you framing me in order to seize the throne?
  • We must hear him out.
  • My king, though I refused to speak you have made me do so. So I say, it is you, King Oedipus who murdered the former king.
  • Many years ago, we received a prophecy that a child I would birth would kill his father and marry me. But do not worry as these prophecies are usually bogus.
  • Could it have been I who murdered the former king? What if Tiresias was right?