Unit 2 vocab

Updated: 10/31/2020
Unit 2 vocab

Storyboard Text

  • Don't worry. Once this pandemic is over. You can save more.
  • Adopt a dog for50% OFF
  • I hope there is enough dogs to adopt.
  • Cool! I use to had a hat when I was very excited. Really thank you.
  • Cool my dad has a company that could make a lot of hats. You should come.
  • This is my customary hat I use to DJ.
  • Okay,sweety it doesn't concern me.
  • Don't worry I won't persuade about the essay.
  • I'm going to donate food okay Grammy.
  • Okay, thank you!
  • Be careful though if you stay to close to it. You will get hurt.
  • availablehinder
  • It's so nice to be together. Hey do you want to throw a rock in a river?
  • Woah! Do you see that deer?
  • Yup. Sure. Yeah, wow! Ok, thanks
  • customaryentrepreneurfirebrand
  • She's right let them be sick! 
  • No! I can do whatever I want!
  • caterindifferencedissuade
  • Oh yes but were not injured. But yes we need to fix our coats.
  • Hello, do you guys need a coat to fix? Don't worry it's not necessary.
  • Thank you so much.
  • mutualpelttransparenthazard
  • regimeplaguepoisedindignant
  • But sir people are dead. The disease is spreading. Can't you be calm and find a cure? 
  • unscathedlubricateindispensable