Fredonian Rebillion
Updated: 12/17/2020
Fredonian Rebillion

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  • Fredonian Rebillion
  • Leave We Don't Want Yall Here!
  • Why? What Did We Do?
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • No We Are Not Leaving!!
  • Because We Don't Like You Tajano Famailies
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • Thank you sir
  • Thank You sir
  • Ok You can have your Independence
  • A Edward Brother Came And Told A Tejano Family To Go Somewhere Else Because They Don't Want Them Here.
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • I Agree, Lets Go!!!
  • The Tejano Family Said," No we are staying here because this is where we live, so we are not leaving".
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • Yes We Want Our Independence We Want To Live Here!
  • Yay!!! We Can Finally Get Our Independence!!
  • The Mexican Government Said," Ok well give you your independence", Haden Edwards And the Tejano family were thankful that they got there independence so this means the other Tejano families don't have to get kicked out since they got their independence.
  • Fredonian Rebellion
  • Yes We Got The Independence!!!
  • The Tejano Family Went To Haden Edward And They Explained What Happened And He Didn't Like It So He Said, ''Lets Go Get Our Independence Because We Don't Want To Get Kicked Out. Because Its Nice Out Here.
  • We Need Our Independence Because We Don't Want To Get Kicked Out !
  • Haden Edward And The Tejano Family Went To The Mexican Government And Tried To Explain What happened. The Government Wanted Time To Think So They Waited.
  • Haden Edward And The Tejano Family Followed Somebody So They Can Sign The Independence. They Signed It And They Were Able To Live There Now.
  • Sign This Paper To Get Your Independence.
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