chapter 31 and 32 vocab
Updated: 3/17/2021
chapter 31 and 32 vocab

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  • I prefer the status quo over abrupt changes.
  • Are you a conservative? They tend to prefer the status quo too.
  • Like what?
  • Limited government, individual liberty, and equality to name a few
  • I believe in a more liberal ideology.
  • I believe we should tax the rich to raise money for social welfare.
  • That's a very radical idea.
  • The economy is going down and so are property values.
  • Yeah, my house just got foreclosed on.
  • I haven't had an adequate meal in months. I'm going to suffer from malnutrition.
  • There are some soup kitchens downtown you can go to.
  • The dust storms are getting worse. They are calling them black blizzards.
  • If this continues we will experience desertification.