The glass menagerie
Updated: 1/7/2020
The glass menagerie
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By: Nicolas Zevallos

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  • You are not excuse from the table
  • I am getting a cigarette
  • You smook too much
  • I went in the art museum and the bird houses at the zoo. I visited penguins every day!
  • It wasn´t as bad as it sounds.
  • From half past seven till after five every day you mean to tell me you walked around in the park?
  • You did all this to deceive me, just for deception?Why?
  • Lower your voice
  • What is the matter with you,you big big big idiot.
  • Stop that shouting!
  • Look! I have got nothing,no single thing...
  • ...In my life here that i can call my OWN! Everything is...
  • I have been to the movies.
  • One crack and it falls through!
  • Looking for a door key
  • Where have you been all these time?
  • Tom! Tom, what are you doing?
  • Son, will you do me a favor?
  • The care he always took of his appearence. He never allowed himself to look untidy
  • Comb your hair! you look so pretty when your hair is combed!
  • There is only one respect in wich i would like you to emulate your father
  • What respect is that?
  • What?
  • What did you say his name was?
  • Is he the one that tom used to knowin high school?
  • What is his first name?
  • Not Jim.
  • he didn´t say so.
  • O´Connor
  • It was Jim!
  • Yes it is Jim
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