I Emma Freak
Updated: 6/4/2020
I Emma Freak

Storyboard Text

  • Emma´s birthday party
  • How to learn at home comic way
  • Emma with Stevie in the library
  • Emma camping in Wisconsin
  • Emma was having her 12th birthday party with Penelope her only best friend and her uncomfortable mom Donatella and Nonno her grandfather and his dog eggplant. Penelope gave Emma a golden mojo bead and Nonno said that they gonna go to the beach and share popcorn and her mom gave her a big book.
  • Emma went to the library for her studies and she saw a librarian named Stevie reading a book. So Emma went to her ask if there is any books for 11th grade and sawed her book that her mom Donatella gave for her birthday.
  • Emma got her tent and settled in between of her twin cousins Morgan and Megan playing treasure hunt beside the beach.