Updated: 2/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • once upon a time there lived a young couple in a land far away. They was not having a children but they really wanted to have a baby girl.
  • After a short period of time the young lady was expecting a baby.
  • one day when she was looking out of the window she saw a beautiful lettuce garden next to her. from that moment on she could not think any thing else between that lettuce.
  • her husband went and take a hand full of lettuce. but it was not enough for her. the day after her husband went into the garden again. But this time the witch was waiting for him. the witch told how dare you steal my lettuce. he said my wife is pregnant and she craves lettuce. And he said forgive me. the witch said for this I should punish you. he asked please otherwise my wife will no get a birth. said the witch mmh okay but only one condision you should give me the baby after the birth.
  • She named the baby rapunzel. one day the prince came to hunt. the prince heard a beautiful voice but he was not able to climb up the tower. at the next day he saw the witch so that at the night he said the same thing and climbed up she was very scared. at the next day rapunzel made a big mistake. she said the prince come fast as you come. she asked wich prince. At that moment she cut the beautiful golden hair and sent into a desert. after the day the prince climbed up the witch pushed him so he fall down and he was not able to open his eyes.
  • The Prince was looking for Rapunzel with tears in his eyes. Finally he reached the desert and started calling her, she also recognized her prince they find each other and her tears fall on his eyes and his eyes opened and at last they happily lived in the Prince kingdom.