City of Thieves
Updated: 2/7/2020
City of Thieves

Storyboard Text

  • Do you have any food?
  • No....
  • Eggs?
  • Keep it warm
  • Come with us
  • Chapter 2, This scene is when Kolya and Lev first met. Kolya is offered Lev food. Lev was caught stealing from a dead German and Kolya had been called a deserter for leaving his post.
  • Chapter 5, This scene is when Lev and Kolya thought there would be eggs in the Haymarket. Kolya had some wood alcohol and bought library candy.
  • .....
  • Don't shoot!
  • Chapter 8, They went to the rumored chicken coop and found the old man dead and a boy. The boy handed them the chicken and told them to leave him.
  • I'm tired.
  • It's too suspicious
  • Chapter 12, In this scene as Lev and Kolya enter the woods they come upon an open field with a dozen or more dogs in pieces. Only one was alive and trying to drag itself into the woods.
  • Chapter 13, As Lev and Kolya are walking they see a man's figure in the distance with a gun.They thought that he was a German. But he was dead and frozen into the ground with a sign around his neck.
  • Chapter 13, After a long day of walking Lev was getting tired they seen a farmhouse and Lev wanted to go in and rest. But Kolya was suspicious about the farmhouse still standing during the war, untouched.