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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Beginning of Chapter 1
  • End of Chapter 1
  • Beginning of Chapter 2
  • Page 11, Chapter 1. George exploded on lennie saying he would have been better off without him and how he could have kept his job if lennie didn't always get in trouble.
  • End of Chapter 2
  • "You guys travel around together"?
  • Page 12, Chapter 1. After George broke out of anger, he stopped and realized what he yelled to lennie. It then got quiet and lennie said "ill ran off into the mountains". But then George said "no, i wouldn't let you get shot in mountians".
  • Beginning of Chapter 3
  • Chapter 2, page 33. Slim was described in this page as to his features and is personality. He saw George and Lennie, and he was very calm and asked "are you going to be on my team". While playing cards.
  • Chapter 3
  • "So that is the plan."
  • Chapter 2, page 34. Slim, George, and Lennie seem to get along fine with each other. Slim always spoke to them with a nice, friendly tone.
  • Chapter 3, page 59. Candy, George, and Lennie have thought of working together to leave. They have thought of putting all of their money together, to buy a ranch/home for them to live.
  • Chapter 3, page 60. They have officially made the ultimate plan to get out of there and find a home together. This scene could be seen as a friendship where they came together to live better.
  • "I could have all the bunnies i want."