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The World on the turtles back
Updated: 9/8/2020
The World on the turtles back
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  • The woman wants to eat the tree bark but the husband doesn't want her to eat the tree bark. The tree is sacred.
  • The woman tries to rip a bark of the tree and falls through a hole in the ocean. She tires to grab on the tree and ripe the roots of the tree into the ocean.
  • She falls from the sky in to the ocean on a turtle back. She than ask the turtle if there is any dirt so she can plant the roots. No one can go to the bottom of the sea other than the Muskrats. The Muskrats plant it on bottom of the sea and the plants start to grow. Than she gives birth to a girl.
  • One day the girl see a man and she fainted a fall on the ground. The man puts two arrows on the ground next to her and left. After a while she found out that she was to bear a child. They were twins.
  • When thee twins were in her stomach they were arguing. Which way they should be born. The right handed twin wanted to be born normal and the left handed twin wanted to be born for the arm pit. Where the light was coming from. The left handed twin killed his mother by being born form the arm pit
  • The twins fought from the day they were man. The right handed twin created things to help people and the left handed created things to harm people and other creatures. At the end the right handed twin killed the left handed twin with a deer antler. The grandmother always liked the left handed twin. The right handed killed the grandmother and turn her hand in to the moon. During the day people honor the right handed twin and at night people honor the left handed twin.
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