The Wolf
Updated: 11/8/2018
The Wolf
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Scene: One of the girls starts to tell a story about what happened in the same spot of the woods ten years ago. Camera shot: Long shot Sounds: Crackling fire, voices, the wind. Music: Suspenseful but interested music
  • Falling Action
  • Scene: One of the boys thinks he sees a figure moving through the woods Camera Shot: Wide angle Sounds: Quite footsteps moving through the woods, crackling fire, the wind, voices Music: Creepy and mysterious
  • Resolution
  • Scene: The Werewolf is taking one of the boys to his cave. Camera shot: Close up Sounds: Loud footsteps, crying, moving water, growling. Music: Horrifying creepy music
  • Scene: The boy is running away from the werewolf and is trying to get back to his friends. Camera shot: High angle Sounds: Footsteps, growling, dripping water echos Music: Suspenseful and creepy
  • Scene: The boy gets back to his friends and tells them they need to go home and they do. Camera shot: Low angle Sounds: Crying, voices, wind, crackling fire Music: Sad
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