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SS Assignment Madison Choice Activity Thompson Briaunna
Updated: 4/27/2020
SS Assignment Madison Choice Activity Thompson Briaunna
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  • France and England continued to cause problems for America. They continued to violate the Free trade policy by capturing and enslaving Americans and their ships.
  • War Hawks demanded war against Britain to defend their honor. This caused a serge of Patriotism in which Madison asked congress for a declaration of war in June of 1812.
  • Back in America the Battles continued B/c no one knew the treaty was signed yet.
  • British Army ravaged Baltimore and burned down the White House.
  • After the Battle of Baltimore Francis Scott Key wrote a poem later know as the Star Spangled Banner. He wrote it to express national pride. Britain was getting tired of being bothered by America so they agreed to sign the treaty of Ghent. Which ended the war as a truce.
  • A true American hero named Andrew Jackson led troops into new Orleans and demolished the British troops. B/c of the victory of New Orleans and America found out about the treaty everyone in American thought they won the war but that wasn't the case. But the treaty had nothing to do with solving the violation of free trade. Which started the war in the first place.
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